Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

P1T2 Baby from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hello and if your reading this thank you for reading and hope you enjoy, anyway on this blog post I am going to be going my new video project, The Music Video, well actually saying my new video project is actually incorrect, its my teams new video project, I am thankful for them, you guys need to go check out their blogs also some other work we've done together is some old videos like aunty solves bullying and the price tag music video. For this video we choose the song Baby by Justin Bieber, we chose this because their is a variety of creative or humor aspects to plan.

Our storyline that the team and I created is for the song baby, like stated above. Our storyline contains of a boy who likes a girl, but the girl likes someone else. Its also throughout the song and storyline has many different lip syncs throughout the song it shows expression as if the a actor was singing while acting.

This MV show cases our best work with the cut to the beat editing, the beautiful effects and the humors part of our video. I think our team did very well, I'm proud of it.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P1T4_Hidden Secret from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
 Hey guys, Im back once more, our current project we are working on is our movie trailer. Some of the requirements for is project is to develop a 90-120 second fictitious movie trailer that has a dramatic voice over that foreshows why it is a "must see" movie. This trailer also has to captivate the audience to keep the interested and leave them wanting more. Finally the last thing committed to this project an original movie poster made in photoshop with the highest quality of detail. Some ways I contributed to the planning of our project is that I wrote the synopsis, while collaborate with my team. The name of our movie is, Hidden Secret.

Well first one thing I always recite in my head is, if something sounds to good to be true, it usually is. I keep this in mind during my film making and my projects, I always think if something can go wrong it most likely will. Some of the biggest problems we faced as team were our voice overs. I believe for a group of 13 and 14 year olds to speak dramatically in front of a camera is a hard thing to do. On the flip side, challenges are just obstacles on the path to successes, which the team made many of, we succeeded in numerous things, our script, our plan, our filming

The results from our critique showed that, we received in the red zone, this means we met all of the requirements but be did not go above and beyond, we did not go the extra mile. What I really learn from this project and not necessarily working with people that we wanted to but working with people we never worked with before is that, communication and teamwork is vital.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

P1T7 Metamorphosis from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hey guys, whats up! So this week we are going to about my new Animation project. This Animation is going to be all about metamorphosis or change. So our main goal is to create an animation with the highest possible quality, some of the programs and animation types well be using are, Stykz, PhotoShop.

Our animations focus statement is, Ala obtains confidence. What its basically about is our main character (Prince Ala) has to gain the confidence to talk to the princess. While he gains his confidence ha gains some help from others along the way. Some of the help he gets along the ways if one, from a wise man, and the other person he gets help from is a beach chicken that encourage him.

I was happy with my teams results, I believe we did a great job. Personally I really liked our video, and think it went above standards. Overall i was every happy, and I believe this was a great project. I learned a lot.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Geometric Portraits

So in our new project, we are doing a low-ploy portrait, one major thing with the low-ploy portraits are the facial expressions, many facial expressions defy different things, but thats what got me wondering, are they universal? Do other countries also do this? Well after some research, I found out your 6 main facial expressions are universal

How do you create this type of project? It is a fairly simple, your first step will be to take a photograph of your subject looking away from the camera to create tension (this will make it look better) then your next step in to open in adobe photoshop and lay your photo out on a document size of 11inches in height and 8.5 inches in width with a 300px resolution. After you have completes all of those steps here comes the more technical part, you have to make many triangle or polygon shapes and later back and fill in every triangle/polygon you made using the fliter-artistic-blur to make it look good. After you can go back and at different color overlays to make it more vibrant or make it look better

So, with the easy way you are just taking a picture in a program and then the program adds a triangular filter, unlike the custom adobe photo shop version, Where you have the ability to change things and make it how you like. this gives it a more nice unique look, Where you can customize it and make it perfect.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Hey guys Im back with another one! This blog is going to be regarding our project retime nature, in this projects we our taking time-lapse and slow-mos and creating a poem of our liking relating to nature, nature is pretty awesome thing, I mean nature impacts of life daily, we and live with out nature, we get oxygen from trees and hydrate from water from nature. Thats not it though, personal I and a nature man of sorts, I love I out camping in the woods or be at the beach, its just what i like to do, this is a BIG impact on my life.

As I mentioned, our project, Retime nature is a video project of timelapses and slow-mos with an audio poem. Wait but what are timelapses and slow-mos? How are they created? Well first, timelapses are sped up videos. To create a timelapses there are a few different methods. You can take a normal video on any camera or recording device and you can speed it up in programs such as FCPX (final cut pro), I movie, or other websites? apps made for speed enhancing. It works the same for slow- mos, using programs such as FCPX (final cut pro), I movie, or other websites, app etc...

The hardest part of this type of project is getting the the timeplases and slow-mos, I mean this takes some dedication, i woke up at 5:00 in the morning to get the perfect timplaspes. Whats funny about this is that this is also my favorite part of my project, I love to take these cool videos and act if i were working for some big company. Well this is this weeks blog post. Till next time!

I agree with my critique because, I mostly got 3s. I do understand that I could make better timplases and more slo-mos. One part of my critique that I DO NOT agree with is that received a 2.  I believe along with 26 of the other peers that my project is more than 2 quality. Finally I'm fine with the outcome, because it makes me want to get better so i can get the 4.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Hello, My name is Mike, I am a student in a G.T. (gifted and talented) class. This is my first blog post in this new school year, you can go check out my old blog you'd like, I'll put the link at the bottom. So in my G.T. class we are doing poetic designs. What is poetry or being poetic, theres many answers to such a vast question but here is my beliefs. In my own words Poetry is a feeling, it is a way to describe someone or something emotionally in a pen to paper like way.

I woke,

With a thirst of adventure,
Perilous in mind,

I start my path,

Causing my own aftermath,

Creating my own story,

entering glory,

Found of others through all the broken shoes,

I stay true

I used rhyme and rhyme in my poem. How did i use it? I used it by in the 2nd and 3rd line of my poem I stated, " I start my path, causing my own aftermath. That is one rhyme I incorporated. Another example on the 4th and 5th line is, "creating my own story, entering glory". I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! :)